Linens in Lavender

When I saw an ad on Facebook for a Lavender Festival I immediately called my mom and said, “We’re going!”

An afternoon wandering around a Lavender farm full of artisan vendors, music, and lavender infused food and drinks? Yes, please.

The 15th Annual Michigan Lavender Fest is in Armada, Michigan. This festival was July 14- 16 weekend. The theme this year was ‘A Symphony of the Senses.” My mom and I woke up early and made the drive, giddy to see (and smell) all of the Lavender. The festival opened at 10 a.m. and I was very thankful we got there early. The crowds were already fairly large, but we didn’t mind.

This festival does have a $7 admission fee, but the parking is free and many vendors give free samples, along with demonstrations.

We headed in, and were tickled pink…er lavender…at all amazing floras.

Linens in Lavender 1Linens in Lavender 2Linens in Lavender 3Linens in Lavender 4

Fresh bundles were around every corner, scenting the summer breeze with their soothing smell. It was magical.

Linens in Lavender 5Linens in Lavender 6Linens in Lavender 14Linens in Lavender 13Linens in Lavender 12Linens in Lavender 11Linens in Lavender 10Linens in Lavender 9

On top of all the amazing soaps, scrubs and fresh flowers were the decadent treats. We gorged ourselves on lavender shortbread (incredible!), lavender sugar cookies, lavender lemonade, lavender ice cream, lavender granola, lavender balsamic vinegar, and lavender fudge. To say that I was a happy camper, is an understatement.

Linens in Lavender 8Linens in Lavender 7Linens in Lavender 15Linens in Lavender 16

Bellies full, we decided it was time to head to the ‘U-Pick’ Lavender farm. We hopped on the tracker anticipating fields of purple to waltz around in like a girl in the french country side. What we were met with was a small plot of land that had been fairly picked over…

My favorite quote of the day went something like this:

  • Me: “Oh…there it is.”
  • Mom: “Where?”
  • Me: “Right there, were those people are standing.”
  • Mom: “Where?”

I am going to be honest, this was fairly disappointing. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t make the most of our time in that fragrant field. Like learning this cool factoid, did you know there are three types of lavender? I didn’t!

Linens in Lavender 23

The field may have been disappointing in person, but it sure did photograph well.

Linens in Lavender 24Linens in Lavender 21IMG_7004Linens in Lavender 20Linens in Lavender 28Linens in Lavender 27

This linen dress is my new summer favorite. It’s light, airy and long enough to romp around in and not have to worry about anything. Basically, I am buying it in every color.

Linens in Lavender 26

Dress — Sandals (similar) Sunglasses (similar)Earrings

Linens in Lavender 25IMG_6993Linens in Lavender 18Linens in Lavender 17Linens in Lavender 29Linens in Lavender 30

The ‘U- Pick’ field cost $5 for 25- 26 stems of lavender. My mom and I decided this was not a good deal, and made of most of our bundles of lavender for photos.

Linens in Lavender 33Linens in Lavender 34Linens in Lavender 35

Stocked to the brim with bunches of lavender, food, and other goodies we said our goodbyes to the fragrant farm and headed home.

Linens in Lavender 31Linens in Lavender 32Linens in Lavender 36

So, would I recommend this festival? Absolutely! It’s fun and you will leave feeling utterly relaxed after a day in the sun with lavender wafting through the breeze. However, don’t expect any giant fields, it’s truly only a plot.

If you are interested in learning more check out their website here: Michigan Lavender Festival. Some quick tips, get there early, bring a basket (especially if you want to buy bundles of lavender), and don’t forget the sunscreen! No need to worry about cash, the parking is free and all the vendors and the farm except credit cards.

I think this may be a new annual event for me. I am feeling lavender blue dilly dilly.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM

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