May the Force be with you

Star Wars is one of my favorite things ever. Strong females, Jedi Knights, and Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders, it’s amazingness all rolled into one.

Naturally, May the 4th, is my national holiday, and this year I had something special planned.


Classic rockabilly style, but with a major twist. Why? It’s all about the details. Have you noticed anything interesting yet?


Maybe the fans, but how about I turn around and show you.


This super fun Gap jean jacket has been spiffed up with these amazing patches. It’s such an easy  way to add your own personal style and flair to a jacket. The creative possibilities are literally endless, and it’s just fun!

Jacket (All Sold Out) | High Waisted Ankle Pants | Sandals | Necklace



I have one more surprise, have you noticed yet?


Only this amazing Lightsaber necklace. The weapon of a Jedi Knight.


So May the Force be with all my nerd and nerdette’s out there! Do you celebrate Star Wars day? Show my your outfits in the comment section below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM


Ya’ll this is probably the best one yet, but let’s just appreciate this ColourPop highlighter coming THROUGH.


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