Royal Wedding in a Secret Garden

Who else is still glowing from Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding?!

*Waves hands furiously in the air*

Yes, I woke up at 5 a.m. to watch it. Yes, my dear friend Emma and I had a pajama tea party. Yes, I got emotional a few times. Yes, Meghan looked STUNNING. Yes, Harry was adorable. Yes, it was perfect.

Let’s get real for a minute, this wedding was a beautiful example of diversity, inclusion and pure love. If you didn’t watch it, please watch Bishop Michael Curry’s amazing sermon on love. Then watch the gospel choir that scooped us up in love with their version of ‘Stand by Me.’

Heck, please just watch their wedding! You will not regret it!

If you haven’t guessed, I have always been enamoured with the Royals.  It seems despite my *cough obsession cough* my invitation to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s wedding was misplaced…


…so I decided to dress for the event and throw my own celebration in an enchanted secret garden.


This detailed soft pink dress glides on creating a romantic silhouette. The piping lines your curves, flattering your figure and the black detail adds the perfect contrast. Paired with my big flower fascinator, this is an outfit fit for a true British Lady.


The fluttered sleeves add the perfect formal feminine touch for any royal wedding.


Teardrop earrings and pearls pull this all together, and my transformation is complete.


“Someday my prince will come…” Feeling enchanted? I certainly feel like a Disney Princess!


Pink Dress- TJ Maxx Find (Similar here & here) | Blush Heels | Fascinator (similar) | Teardrop Earrings | Heart Bag 


The heart-shaped bag is my little nod to the late Princess Diana. Known as the Queen of Hearts, she truly is one of my biggest inspirations and aspirations. She was a glowing example of always being herself, and doing the right thing. She was a bright light and she would be so proud of both her son’s.

Wedding facts for you!

  • Meghan’s bouquet had flowers which Harry hand-picked from Diana’s private garden.
  • Harry left a seat open for Diana at the ceremony.
  • One of the Hymn’s they sang was sung at Diana’s funeral.

Are you crying yet?! I AM. AGAIN.


All in all, whether you like the Royals or not there is something about love. Seeing such a wonderful representation of love is memorable. Isn’t it funny how much more powerful love is than hate? Think of one time you were angry, then think of another time you felt surrounded by love. Which was better?

I’m going to answer that for you. Love. Every time.

So whether you watched it or not, here’s what you can take away from it.

“If humanity ever captured the energy of love, it would be the second time in history that we have discovered fire.” -Bishop Michael B. Curry

Did you watch the wedding? What did you think?

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Bonjour Paris

Ever find a dress so special, it inspires you to buy fresh flowers? Sounds like an odd thing right? But life breathe life, and when you find something that makes you feel alive you want something equally as alive.


This is my ‘Oh la la, I didn’t see you there” pose.


This light cotton shirt dress is my new favorite, and let me tell you why.

A. It’s blue and white, my favorite color combination.

B. It’s a classic cut, and a piece where all you do it throw it on and you are instantly chic.

C. It’s detailed print is beautiful and make me wish I was wondering the French country side.


These beautiful fresh ranunculus definitely help me live out my French country fantasy.


TJ Maxx Dress | Target Sandals |Horrock’s Fresh Ranunculus 


A crisp, fresh dress, for a perfect spring day. What’s your favorite color combination that makes you glow the most? Let me know down below, I would love to hear from you!

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Hamilton in Chicago

My girlfriends Brittney, Emma, and I are MASSIVE fans of Hamilton. You’ve heard of the tiny musical called Hamilton right? *wink.*

We have been listening to the music, and coveting tickets for what feels liks years. Finally, the stars aligned and over coffee one morning we decided it was time to make our musical dreams come true.

We bought tickets for a Saturday matinée show, with plans to drive into Chicago in the morning, watch Hamilton, and then drive back home.

Such a special day, needs an equally special dress: The Marilyn Gal Meets Glam Collection dress.


It’s easy elegance, wraps you in its silky silhouette giving you instant 1940s glam. The material is light, flowy, and perfect from taking you from brunch, to a show, to out on the town.


I paired it with these easy sandals, and for an extra special vintage flair, my Great Grandmother’s handbag from the 1950s.

Chicago11Chicago12Chicago10Chicago13The details of the dress are breathtaking. Julia (Gal Meets Glam) absolutely nailed the look and feel of classic elegance. The dress doesn’t wear you, YOU wear the dress, and you instantly feel like the most interesting girl in the world!

Marilyn Gal Meets Glam Dress | Strappy Sandals | Purse (Vintage) 

I highly recommend looking at her collection and purchasing a dress. I know it’s definitely going to be a staple in this blogger’s wardrobe.

When we arrived, we started off with brunch at The Dearborn. If you’re ever in Chicago check out this restaurant. The food is amazing, the staff are wonderful, and the mimosa’s are to die for. It’s the perfect trifecta.

After stuffing ourselves to the brim, we walked around the city, and of course having our photo shoot fun.


I definitely feel like a fish in the right water when I am in a big city. Can you tell by my cheeser grins?!

Finally, the moment had arrived. We were giddy school girls, young, scrappy, hungry, and ready for the musical to blow us all away.


The Schuyler Sisters! WORK!


Not throwing away my shot!


In the room where it happened….I was left speechless. The show was everything I had ever hoped it would be. The cast was amazing (Shout out to George Washington!), the set was beautiful, the execution flawless, the tears were flowing; I was and still am stunned.

If you haven’t listened to the music, or if you are unfamiliar with the story of our founding father, Alexander Hamilton, I recommend you immediately educate yourself. You will be blown away, by the story and Lin- Manuel Miranda’s music.

*Pro tip- No matter where you see it, bring the tissues. You’ll thank me later!

Absolutely high on life, and with puffy eyes, we made our way to one last stop. Magnolia Bakery. They are famous for their banana pudding, and other treats. Dessert and coffee give me life. Can you tell?


What a perfect end to the perfect day. I love my ladies so much, and I can’t wait for our next adventure.

Have you seen Hamilton yet or do you have any tips on where I should go in Chicago next? Let me know your thoughts below!

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Live Life to the Maxi

I’m all about companies with a mission. In fact, I prefer fashion that gives back. When I discovered Francis + Benedict I knew this was something special.

For those who are unfamiliar with Francis + Benedict: “As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Francis + Benedict exists to empower and equip skilled Togolese seamstresses by providing them with dignified and sustainable employment.  In addition, our profits are used to resource community leaders in Togo, enabling them to continue projects that benefit orphans, widows, and those suffering in poverty.

Our handmade clothing marries American style with West African wax print textiles in order to create fashion-forward apparel for the modern woman. 

We aim to make a lasting global impact by using our love for people and fashion to change communities … One outfit at a time.”


This is the Marion Maxi from the Celestine Collection. This 100% cotton skirt is made from high-quality wax print fabric indigenous to West Africa, that is absolutely stunning. AND IT HAS POCKETS.

It just makes you want to twirl!


Unfortunately the Marion is all sold out, but you there are lots of amazing options here:

Botany Midi | Jeanne Maxi (What a beautiful print and color!) | Hamden Maxi


Paired with a vibrant clutch, and these amazing handmade earrings, it’s the perfect early summer outfit!


The quality truly is amazing, and as a special bonus you get a little card signed by the woman who made your skirt. Juliette made mine, and when I say it’s a work of art, it’s a work of art. The cotton is durable enough to romp around and not worry about being see through, too hot, or too thin. It’s juuuuuuuuussssttttttttt right.


Do yourself a favor and check out their website. They are more expensive, but frankly, it’s 100% worth it. I will be purchasing from them again, and I hope you do to!

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM


Be a fashion blogger they said. You will always look so elegant they said.


May the Force be with you

Star Wars is one of my favorite things ever. Strong females, Jedi Knights, and Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders, it’s amazingness all rolled into one.

Naturally, May the 4th, is my national holiday, and this year I had something special planned.


Classic rockabilly style, but with a major twist. Why? It’s all about the details. Have you noticed anything interesting yet?


Maybe the fans, but how about I turn around and show you.


This super fun Gap jean jacket has been spiffed up with these amazing patches. It’s such an easy  way to add your own personal style and flair to a jacket. The creative possibilities are literally endless, and it’s just fun!

Jacket (All Sold Out) | High Waisted Ankle Pants | Sandals | Necklace



I have one more surprise, have you noticed yet?


Only this amazing Lightsaber necklace. The weapon of a Jedi Knight.


So May the Force be with all my nerd and nerdette’s out there! Do you celebrate Star Wars day? Show my your outfits in the comment section below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM


Ya’ll this is probably the best one yet, but let’s just appreciate this ColourPop highlighter coming THROUGH.


Classically Modern

There are some things you just don’t mess with: classic movies, songs, and silhouettes. They are classics for a reason…they are really f-ing amazing.

When I happened upon this amazing spring dress, my heart leapt. It had to be mine, and mine it is.

Classic Modern 1Classic Modern 2Classic Modern 3

The flirty silhouette hugs you in all the right places, extenuating your figure. The neck line gives your bust a beautiful form, reminiscent of a 1930s starlet.

The slit and the print brings the dress back to 2018 and wraps you in its easy elegance.

I mean how could you resist right?!

Classic Modern 4Classic Modern 5Classic Modern 6

Asos Dress | Gold Necklace | Nude Sandals | Square Frames


Classic Modern 9Classic Modern 7Classic Modern 8

Can you resist another classic line- here’s looking at you kid.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM

UnBelizable Ending

Do yourself a favor and book all your snorkeling trips with Island Dream Tours. Our first day we were laying out on our dock, we heard the speech of Kevin from Island Dream Tours, and Alyse and I knew we had to book a day trip with them. They were full until our last full day, we jumped on the opportunity and booked the ‘Chill Cruise’ and spoiler alert it was easily the best part of the trip.

The chill cruise included:

  • Food all day
  • Full bar
  • Snorkling at Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley
  • Anchor at a Chill Spot to Relax

We gathered on the dock early Thursday morning to listen to Kevin speak about Belize. This is a country that runs on its tourism revenue. The country is simply not big enough for them to cultivate more exports. The ocean is how the people of this country make their living, both on the islands and on the mainland. However, there is a serious issue. The ocean and wildlife are not respected: Trash lines the beaches, seaweed lies in heaps at the edge of the water, the smells are nauseating, and now the Belizean government could begin off shore oil drilling.

This ‘quick fix’ would hardly be worth it, in terms of income and would destroy the reef, the wildlife, and the major tourism draw. We need to do something about this. Kevin encouraged us to take photos with the ‘No means no for oil drilling sign,’ and share on our social media.

So photos we took and share we did.

Unbelizable 10

Island Dreams didn’t just educate us about the dangers of oil drilling, feed us, and keep the booze flowing, they even had underwater camera for us to use! They uploaded them to a drop box and e-mailed us the link a week or so later, and the results were awesome.

Unbelizable 8

Shout out to Alyse for being the best photographer ever!

Unbelizable 11

She’s an actual mermaid!

L.L. Bean Rashguard | When I say you need these shirts, you really need these shirts! We wore these snorkeling a few times and NEVER burned on our backs. It’s a must for any tropical vacation.

After our amazing snorkeling visits in Hol Chan & Shark Ray alley (Which are a must if you are traveling to Belize) we enjoyed a relaxing cruise to our ‘Chill spot.’ Hence the name, the ‘Chill Cruise.’

We dropped anchor in a beautiful area, with clear waist deep water. I mean look at the color. How could you resist?

Unbelizable 5Unbelizable 14Unbelizable 12Unbelizable 13

We floated, swam, and drank in the warm water soaking in our last of the tropical sun.

I of course, could not resist a photo shoot in this fantastic vintage inspired bikini.

Unbelizable 4Unbelizable 6

High Waisted Bikini (AMAZING PRICE!) | Floppy Hat | Sunglasses

The light peachiness of the suit compliments your tan, making you positively radiate with a summer glow. The rouching of the bottoms hides any tummy problems, and the top pushes the girls up making you feel like Marilyn Monroe.

Unbelizable 3

Soon it was time to go, and we cruised back to the dock, with new friends in tow.

Unbelizable 7

If traveling has taught me anything, It’s that the world is an amazing place. How could you not smile? What traveling also brings is a responsibility to raise awareness and be a voice. No means no for oil drilling! We only have one planet, and we need to protect it. We are all humans and we all share this earth. Let’s be a voice and protect what we have to others may enjoy traveling for generations to come.

This bloggers advice for Belize?

  • Get a Rashguard shirt. You will thank me after a few days of snorkeling.
  • If you are not staying at a resort, be prepared for the reality of the dirty shore. The beaches are not usable, unless at a resort.
  • Bring cash! They accept USD, so bring it. Most places do accept major credit cards, but cash is so much easier.
  • Try and book your day adventures before hand, especially if you are going in tourist season (January- April).
  • Have I said sunscreen and after sun lotion yet? No! Well bring them! Sun bum is my personal favorite for both products.
  • If your staying on San Pedro, definitely book Island Dream Tours ‘Yolo’ Boat trips. The crew is fantastic, you are well taken care of, and it’s a BLAST. I would return to go on more trips with this company.

Overall it was an amazing vacation, with amazing people, and I will cherish it forever!

Have you ever been to Central America? If so, where? If you could go once place in Central America, where would you go?

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