We made it to 2019! Can you believe it? In a world full of up’s and down’s, making it to a new year truly does feel like an accomplishment! Especially when you dedicate a year to your own self-discovery.

It feels like just yesterday I started my 2018 new year’s vulnerability journey. *Footnote: If you haven’t read that post, you can here.

During 2018, I worked hard to be my most vulnerable self. Vulnerability is always something I have struggled with, and I was tired to living my life through the windowpane of anxiety. So to combat my tendencies (and it will always be something I have to work on) I started living my life truly as myself.

I met my travel goals by going to Belize and lived my dream of travelling to Iceland solo! I promised to be open to new things and experiences, and (what feels like the most simple, but one of the most difficult goals), to be honest with myself. It was a good year, and I wanted to continue on that journey, but with a slight twist.

It was my golden birthday this year. I turned 27 on the 27th of November, and I could feel the energy shift around me. My dearest friend, Emma, went above and beyond to make my birthday special and got me a frame with the saying:

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go DO THEM.”

After reading those words and looking at them everyday since, I could feel the energy shift around me. Whether or not you believe in vibes, energy, divine intervention, or if it’s all in my head is frankly, subjective. But I will tell you what I am going to do: CELEBRATE THEM.

And that my friends is with this year is all about.

Celebrating everything that comes your way.

Celebrating the good and the bad.

Celebrating wants, dreams, and desires.

Celebrating who you are, ardently and unapologetically.


So what am I celebrating about myself? I’m celebrating my passion, joy, giggles, goofiness, fire, and that little bit of ‘extraness.’ How could I possible find a way to celebrate all of those adjectives? I’ll tell you how….with sequins, fur, balloons, and a fabulous photo shoot with Johnson Photography.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and why not?! Cayla from Johnson Photography did an amazing job of capturing the 2019 CELEBRATION, don’t you think?!

Nothing says celebrate like a 1970’s inspired rose gold jumpsuit. It’s one of those special outfits that when you wear it, you become who you always wanted to be. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to glow from within and without. 

Sequin Jumpsuit | Fur Vest | Heels 

I truly believe that 2019 is going to be the best year. This is the time to be your best self, to be your most glowing self, and to celebrate what you love about you.

So those things you’ve always wanted to do?….go celebrate and do them. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM

Classically Modern

There are some things you just don’t mess with: classic movies, songs, and silhouettes. They are classics for a reason…they are really f-ing amazing.

When I happened upon this amazing spring dress, my heart leapt. It had to be mine, and mine it is.

Classic Modern 1Classic Modern 2Classic Modern 3

The flirty silhouette hugs you in all the right places, extenuating your figure. The neck line gives your bust a beautiful form, reminiscent of a 1930s starlet.

The slit and the print brings the dress back to 2018 and wraps you in its easy elegance.

I mean how could you resist right?!

Classic Modern 4Classic Modern 5Classic Modern 6

Asos Dress | Gold Necklace | Nude Sandals | Square Frames


Classic Modern 9Classic Modern 7Classic Modern 8

Can you resist another classic line- here’s looking at you kid.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM

UnBelizable Ending

Do yourself a favor and book all your snorkeling trips with Island Dream Tours. Our first day we were laying out on our dock, we heard the speech of Kevin from Island Dream Tours, and Alyse and I knew we had to book a day trip with them. They were full until our last full day, we jumped on the opportunity and booked the ‘Chill Cruise’ and spoiler alert it was easily the best part of the trip.

The chill cruise included:

  • Food all day
  • Full bar
  • Snorkling at Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley
  • Anchor at a Chill Spot to Relax

We gathered on the dock early Thursday morning to listen to Kevin speak about Belize. This is a country that runs on its tourism revenue. The country is simply not big enough for them to cultivate more exports. The ocean is how the people of this country make their living, both on the islands and on the mainland. However, there is a serious issue. The ocean and wildlife are not respected: Trash lines the beaches, seaweed lies in heaps at the edge of the water, the smells are nauseating, and now the Belizean government could begin off shore oil drilling.

This ‘quick fix’ would hardly be worth it, in terms of income and would destroy the reef, the wildlife, and the major tourism draw. We need to do something about this. Kevin encouraged us to take photos with the ‘No means no for oil drilling sign,’ and share on our social media.

So photos we took and share we did.

Unbelizable 10

Island Dreams didn’t just educate us about the dangers of oil drilling, feed us, and keep the booze flowing, they even had underwater camera for us to use! They uploaded them to a drop box and e-mailed us the link a week or so later, and the results were awesome.

Unbelizable 8

Shout out to Alyse for being the best photographer ever!

Unbelizable 11

She’s an actual mermaid!

L.L. Bean Rashguard | When I say you need these shirts, you really need these shirts! We wore these snorkeling a few times and NEVER burned on our backs. It’s a must for any tropical vacation.

After our amazing snorkeling visits in Hol Chan & Shark Ray alley (Which are a must if you are traveling to Belize) we enjoyed a relaxing cruise to our ‘Chill spot.’ Hence the name, the ‘Chill Cruise.’

We dropped anchor in a beautiful area, with clear waist deep water. I mean look at the color. How could you resist?

Unbelizable 5Unbelizable 14Unbelizable 12Unbelizable 13

We floated, swam, and drank in the warm water soaking in our last of the tropical sun.

I of course, could not resist a photo shoot in this fantastic vintage inspired bikini.

Unbelizable 4Unbelizable 6

High Waisted Bikini (AMAZING PRICE!) | Floppy Hat | Sunglasses

The light peachiness of the suit compliments your tan, making you positively radiate with a summer glow. The rouching of the bottoms hides any tummy problems, and the top pushes the girls up making you feel like Marilyn Monroe.

Unbelizable 3

Soon it was time to go, and we cruised back to the dock, with new friends in tow.

Unbelizable 7

If traveling has taught me anything, It’s that the world is an amazing place. How could you not smile? What traveling also brings is a responsibility to raise awareness and be a voice. No means no for oil drilling! We only have one planet, and we need to protect it. We are all humans and we all share this earth. Let’s be a voice and protect what we have to others may enjoy traveling for generations to come.

This bloggers advice for Belize?

  • Get a Rashguard shirt. You will thank me after a few days of snorkeling.
  • If you are not staying at a resort, be prepared for the reality of the dirty shore. The beaches are not usable, unless at a resort.
  • Bring cash! They accept USD, so bring it. Most places do accept major credit cards, but cash is so much easier.
  • Try and book your day adventures before hand, especially if you are going in tourist season (January- April).
  • Have I said sunscreen and after sun lotion yet? No! Well bring them! Sun bum is my personal favorite for both products.
  • If your staying on San Pedro, definitely book Island Dream Tours ‘Yolo’ Boat trips. The crew is fantastic, you are well taken care of, and it’s a BLAST. I would return to go on more trips with this company.

Overall it was an amazing vacation, with amazing people, and I will cherish it forever!

Have you ever been to Central America? If so, where? If you could go once place in Central America, where would you go?

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM

Belizean Mermaid

I want to be where the people are, I want to see, want to see them dancing!

There’s something magical about putting on a swimsuit. What adds to that magic? A tropical and breathtaking view. As you take in the beauty of the water,  you can almost feel your fins.  The sound of the water, calms you, and calls you to the sea.

Maybe it’s just me, but Gingham ALWAYS taps into my inner Disney princess.  This classic one piece surprises with a deliciously low back.

Mermaid 2Mermaid 3

Gingham Swimsuit | Hat | Sunglasses 

Mermaid 1

What a view.

If there is one thing that Belize does right, it’s water, calling me home.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM

Eat your heart out

It’s the day after Valentine’s day & do you know what that means? CANDY IS HALF OFF. Run, don’t walk to your nearest store and eat your heart out. Why? Treat yo’ self.

What’s another treat yo’ self? Take some time to have a photo shoot, in your most luxurious dress, celebrating the love for….YOURSELF!

Valentine's 2Valentine's 7Valentine's 1

Velvet Wrap Dress | Disc Earrings | Necklace (Heirloom) | Eye Shadow Palette

Valentine's 3Valentine's 8Valentine's 6Valentine's 5Valentine's 4

Life’s too short to care what people think! Get your tripod, lay on the floor, pretend to bite candy, be vulnerable, and take the photos.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.12.27 PM